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Julius Caesar

Et tu, Brute? The question that has echoed through the centuries since it was first uttered on a stage in Elizabethan England is as timely now as it ever was. The Indiana Repertory Theatre has continued its wonderful tradition of presenting shortened versions of some of Shakespeare’s finest works with its latest production of Julius Caesar. It’s a show that fits easily into the unease of the current
political climate.

The cast is rich with talent. The IRT has an arsenal of excellent actors and I’m sure that choosing a Caesar was a difficult task. Though the title character’s stage time is short, he must make the audience understand the jealousy that is brewing within the hearts of the men who were once his allies. For me, David Alan Anderson was the perfect choice. He has a relaxed jovial attitude, but with a single look he can command a room. This balance demonstrates how the public could love him and the politicians could fear him at the same time.

Another casting coup is Rob Johansen as Cassius. He seethes with bitter discontent, spreading his contagious attitude among the senators of Rome. He is both persuasive and devious in the crucial role.

In business suits and jeans, the cast reflects the modern feel of the set, but the language is thankful untouched. The intermission-free 90 minute performance is more than manageable for both students and adults.

Don't Miss the Show

The Indiana Repertory Theatre is located at 140 W. Washington St., Indianapolis, one-half block west of the Circle Center Mall between northbound Illinois St. and southbound Capitol Ave. "Julius Caesar" runs until Saturday, Nov. 5 on IRT's Main Stage. Times for performances can be found at or by calling the IRT box office at (317) 635-5252. To purchase tickets call (317) 635-5252 or
order online at

Photos Courtesy of Julie Curry