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IRT 2019/20 Season Announcement

Indiana Repertory Theatre has announced the 2019 - 2020 season, which ranges from classic and beloved stories to thought-provoking and diverse work. Scheduled from September 4, 2019 to May 10, 2020, the season will take audiences on a journey through modern and historical times, realistic and magical elements, and intense and heartwarming emotions. 

New elements this upcoming season include an expanded schedule for the Exploring Stages production The Choo-Choo That Thinks She Can to provide options for both fall and spring performances, and this year’s version of A Christmas Carol will feature certain design updates that have not happened in more than fifteen years.
Marking a quarter century of support for the Indiana Repertory Theatre, OneAmerica Financial Partners is the Season Sponsor for the 25th straight year. This support will continue for the 2019 - 2020 season and is pledged through 2025.
Twelve Angry Men by Reginald Rose September 4 – 29, 2019 A young man’s life hangs in the balanc…
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Phoenix Announces 2019/20 Season

The Phoenix Theatre is excited to announce its 2019/20 season. The Phoenix Theatre Cultural Centre plans to embrace the community passionately with their new theme “Connections” this season. Connections will build bridges and community outreach for all to experience and enjoy the arts in a variety of ways, up close and personal.

Connections also symbolizes Phoenix’s partnerships with collective members (Q Artistry, Summit Performance Indianapolis, Phoenix Rising Dance Company and Eclipse), connection to the community with the town-hall series Trail Talks, connection to visual arts with Gallery Phoenix which is booked with local artists exhibits through 2020, connection with new education programs Arc, Entr’acte, and rEvolve, and connection to each other through their thought-provoking and challenging productions.  
The Legend of Georgia McBride by Matthew Lopez Sept. 12 - Oct. 6 The first production in the season will be The Legend of Georgia McBride. Elvis-impersonator Casey discovers he…

Elephant & Piggie’s “We Are in a Play!”

Lovers of theatre can usually remember their first introductions to the stage. Whether it's a school performance or a professional one, those earliest shows leave an impression. The Indiana Repertory Theatre's current offering, Elephant & Piggie’s “We Are in a Play!”, is a delightful way to make theatre accessible for kids as young as 3. The show begins with listening rules for kids, who are on the floor in storytime seating. The relaxed style takes away the intimidation that some people can associate with professional theatre. 
Devan Mathias and Carlos Medina Maldonado star as Piggie and Gerald respectively. Their enthusiasm and playful performances has the kids laughing aloud. The musical, written by children's author Mo Willems, is a sweet story of friendship and trying new things. It even includes some fun Shakespeare and Star Wars references for older audience members. 
Each season the IRT offers one children's show for kids ages 3 to 8 and their families. I'…

School of Rock

It was freezing outside, but School of Rock was heating up Clowes Memorial Hall last night. The Broadway Across America production is based on the 2003 movie of the same name. The musical stays close to that version, but comes alive in a different way. The plot focuses on Dewey, who is a bit of an immature loser. He thinks his band will make it big any day now, but doesn't really have a backup plan. When he finds himself substitute teaching a group of precocious kids he's surprised to find a new passion. The show doesn't really get moving until he meets the kids and discovers they love music as well.  

Merritt David Janes takes on the role of Dewey, originally played by Jack Black. He actually does a better job in the scenes where he's not mimicking Black's mannerisms. His heartfelt moments are frequent, but they work well. Lexie Dorsett Sharp is Rosalie, the strict principal of Horace Green prep school. Her big number, "Where Did the Rock Go?", is a blast…

Broadway Across America Announces 2019/20 Season

Broadway Across America is thrilled to announce its 2019/20 Indianapolis season.
Season tickets for the 2019-2020 Broadway in Indianapolis Season will go on sale Jan. 24 with three convenient ways to purchase season tickets:
1. Select your seats in person at the Broadway in Indianapolis Box Office in the Old National Centre at 502 N New Jersey Street, Monday – Friday, 9:30am-5:00pm 2. Order online 7 days a week/24 hours a day at 3. Call the Broadway Across America toll-free Indianapolis Season Ticket Hotline at 800-793-7469. The Hotline hours are Monday – Friday, 9:00am-5:00pm.

Every Brilliant Thing

Real life isn’t easily split into two categories, comedy and drama. It’s a mixture of joy and grief, often at the same time. Every Brilliant Thing captures that perfectly. The one-man show tells the story of an unnamed man whose mother tried to commit suicide multiple times. In an effort to show her all the things she has to live for, he begins a lifelong list of brilliant things when he's only 7 years old.  

A one-person show is so dependent on the correct casting and this production couldn't have done better than Marcus Truschinski. He embodies the role with charisma and a generosity that welcomes audience interaction. Under Tim Ocel's excellent direction, Truschinski's warmth engages the audience in each scene. He improvises as the show naturally digresses as audiences members are asked to fill small roles. The inclusions feel natural, not forced, creating a unique show each time.
The set is deceptively simple. Reuben Lucas designed it so the audience is seated on all…

They're Playing Our Song

Sonia and Vernon are a classic case of opposites attract in Beef & Boards' season opener They're Playing Our Song. The romantic comedy is great for anyone feeling nostalgic for the late 1970s. The decade specific choreography and costumes play such a prominent role, it's hard to imagine the story at any other time.

The show is the first of eight musicals in the 2019 lineup at the dinner theatre. Though this musical isn't as well-known as others, it features the work of playwright Neil Simon. His quick-witted banter is delightful and with only nine songs, this musical depends more heavily of dialogue than others. Though they are assisted by a few supporting cast members who reflect their inner struggles, the show mainly rests on the shoulders of the two leads. Sarah Hund  has become a favorite at Beef & Boards for her playful sense of humor and vocal skills. Both serve her well in the role of the flaky, eccentric Sonia. She’s all heart and little head as the novic…