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The Mutilated

As one might be able to guess from the title, The Mutilated is not a holly jolly Christmas story. The Tennessee Williams play is set in New Orleans and follows two frenemies who cross paths on Christmas Eve. The pair, Trinket and Celeste, are both broken souls with their own secrets. Gigi Jennewein plays Trinket, a wealthy woman with an unknown mutilation. She's fragile and desperate for affection. Celeste is her polar opposite. Played by Beverly Roche, the shoplifting alcoholic is brash and constantly angling to manipulate those around her. 
Originally written as a one-act comedy, the show plays more as an ode to loneliness. It’s split by a short intermission and the second act wraps up so quickly that it feels a bit abrupt. The characters feel similar to those found in many of Williams' plays, though the plot doesn't pack as big of a punch in comparison. It's fascinating to see the damaged people trying to find a way forward, but I wish I'd had more time to better…

Betsy Wolfe at the Cabaret

Tucked away in the newly renovated space behind the 924 Gallery downtown is the new gorgeous Cabaret. The space, formerly a warehouse and then a roller skating rink, is now a beautiful gem. Intimate tables sit close to a stage that hosts stars straight from Broadway. The theatre moved into its new location in April and the result is unbelievable. The Jazz Kitchen designed a menu with cocktails, starters and entrees perfect for any evening. If you haven't been to the new Cabaret yet, what are you waiting for? 

I attended Betsy Wolfe's show last week. Wolfe made waves on Broadway for her performances in The Last Five Years, Falsettos, and most recently in Waitress. This show, "All Bets Are Off" was a delightful combination of Broadway favorites and playful humor. Wolfe's rich vocals showcased fan favorites from Into the Woods and made me fall in love with the musical Waitress, even though I haven't seen it yet. 

The beauty of the Cabaret lies in the spontaneous n…