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Hamilton Review and Lottery

Much has been said about this smash hit musical Hamilton. It seems universally beloved by all audiences and seeing it in person you'll understand why. In the midst of the warp-speed raps and deep dive into history, there's a passion that gets to the core of what America is truly about. It's the story of an immigrant, a story of someone who overcomes every obstacle, hauling themselves up from the bottom with pure ambition and drive. It's the story of a broken man and the people his decisions affected in both good ways and bad. It’s also a love story, filled with heartache and the relatable position of being lost and searching for your way home to the one you miss. It’s the story of jealousy and what happens when you can’t let go of injured pride. It is tragedy on a Greek scale. And all of that is rolled into one show that clocks in just under 3 hours. It’s pretty epic.
Lin-Manuel Miranda wrote the music, lyrics, and book and his brilliance is woven into each song. The H…