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The Odd Couple

Top Ten Shows of 2014

Every theatre is unique and the shows that they produce there reflect that diversity. I’m grateful Indy has so many great ones to choose from. There were some wonderful shows in 2014 and here’s a top ten list of my personal favorites. Make sure you keep an eye on these theaters in 2015!

1) The Wars of the Roses performed by the EclecticPond Theatre Company

2) Who Am I This Time? at the Indiana Repertory Theatre

3) A Streetcar Named Desire an Acting Up Production

4) The Tempest a Shakespeare on the Canal performance by HART
5) The Rocky Horror Show a Zach Rosing Production
6) The Book of Mormon at the Old National Center performed by Broadway Across America
7) Petunia and Chicken an iNDYFRINGE performance
8) Tribes at the Phoenix Theatre
9) The Games’s Afoot at the Indiana Repertory Theatre 10) Hamlet an Acting Up Production Photos courtesy of EclecticPond, Acting Up, HART, and iNDYFRINGE

Elf and The Wizard of Oz

When Elf (the movie) came out in 2003 people were expecting a goofy Christmas romp. While it was hilarious, the reason it remains a seasonal favorite is because of the sweet message at its core. What could have been pure comedy instead had real heart, encouraging even the grumpiest of adults to find the magic in Christmas. Now the movie is a musical and Broadway Across America has brought the cheerful production to Indianapolis just in time for the holidays. 

That unbridled enthusiasm translates well into a stage musical, where bursting into song is expected, but something is inevitably lost with that expectation. We know there will be singing, so it's not surprising when Buddy the Elf starts singing in the midst of Macy's Christmas rush.

The musical takes that same plot of the film and adds bubbly songs and gives a few characters a bit more meat. Buddy's new stepmother Emily and his father's assistant Deb both benefit from the changes and are great in their…