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Less than a month after the world tuned in to watch the British royal wedding, dubbed a "Cinderella story," Beef & Boards’ audiences can see the original Cinderella musical for themselves. This past weekend the theatre was filled with tiny princesses wearing crooked tiaras and bouncing in their seats with anticipation. Knowing their about to see a "real" princess is too exciting for words.

The set is designed with a rotating centerpiece that becomes first a courtyard, then castle and finally a simple country home. Glowing turrets complete the fairy tale atmosphere and set the magical mood.

The most interesting difference between this version of Cinderella and others is the casting of the step-sisters. Instead of women, two men are undertaking the roles. B&B’s regulars, Jeff Stockberger and Doug King, have been transformed into the hideous and hilarious step-sisters. At 6’ 5” (plus a huge wig) Stockberger towers over his fellow actors, while lots of extra pa…


The Actors Theatre of Indiana has finally found a permanent home. Their latest production, Chicago, is on stage now at the Studio Theatre in the Carmel Center for the Performing Arts. The intimate setting is just right for the talented group and fans of their work will now know exactly where to find them.

Chicago starts, and ends, with a bang. The sexy show is set in the 1920s when booze and jazz were “corrupting” the youth in the big cities. Roxie Hart, a young married woman, kills her lover and finds herself first in jail and then in the newspapers as she plots to get herself a verdict of not guilty and a big vaudeville show. Velma Kelly is another singing murderess with high hopes and rough ways. The two women look out for # 1, as does their lawyer, Billy Flynn.

One of the best aspects of the show is the wonderful live band which provides the well-known jazz songs throughout the show. The choreography (by Michael Worcel) is also topnotch. There's not a dull moment as the tireless…