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The Fantasticks

"The Fantasticks" is the longest running musical in the world ... and before this summer I had never seen it. Currently on the Indiana Repertory Theatre's main stage, the show is split into two acts. The first is all roses and sonnets and moonbeams. It is the quintessential romantic musical. A young couple fall for each other, then they run into a few obstacles, but their passion prevails and love triumphs. Call me a cynic, but I wasn't impressed. It felt so pat and predictable, but the show wasn't over yet. The real meat of the show lies in the second act where the perfect pictures falls to pieces.

The impressive thing about "The Fantasticks" is that it was first produced in 1960 and yet it avoids all of the normal musical trappings of being predictable and borderline cheesy. The second act is cynical, witty and filled with humor. It doesn't mock love stories, it simply shows a more realistic view of life.

In this particular production the cast does…