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Iron Kisses

Four characters, three scenes, two actors and one big issue. The Indiana Repertory Theatre presents “Iron Kisses” on its upperstage.

Written by the IRT’s playwright-in-residence, James Still, the show is about family relationships. On the surface the show is about love, both hetero and homosexual and it would be easy to focus solely on that element. Gay marriage is a hot topic and one which is divisive in almost all circles. But this show reaches much deeper than that subject. It revolves around one family and its struggles to accept and love each other despite the countless flaws that get in the way.

Using only two actors, the production tells the story of Billy and Barbara, siblings who were raised in a small Midwest town. After growing up, Billy moves to San Francisco and Barbara marries and stays in her hometown. During the course of the play Billy and Barbara’s parents are invited to their gay son’s wedding and learn that their daughter is getting divorced.

The parents’ thoughts and…