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ATCA Conference

This past weekend I had the opportunity it participate in something truly incredible. Indianapolis hosted the American Theatre Critics Association Conference (ACTA) and critics from all over the country made their way to our fine city. From San Francisco, CA to New Haven, CT the critics came; many had never been to Indiana before and had no idea that we had such a wide variety of cultural events available. This conference was a chance to widen perceptions about how our city is viewed throughout the country.

The driving force behind this event was Indianapolis Business Journal, led by Arts and Entertainment editor Lou Harry. A lot of work went into pitching and organizing this conference. Every detail from the food to the transportation had to be worked out and dozens of schedules had to be juggled to fit in as much as possible, but the result was a smashing success. Attendees enjoyed local food from Yats, Ralston’s Draft House, Shapiro’s and the Rathskeller. They traveled from Mass Av…

Broadway Across America Announces 2013/14 Season

Broadway Across America is thrilled to announce the 2013/14 Indianapolis season. Season tickets are now on sale. 
FLASHDANCE (October 1-6, 2013 - Clowes Hall)
Celebrating its 30th Anniversary, the pop culture phenomenon of Flashdance is now live on stage. With electrifying dance at its core, Flashdance: The Musical tells the inspiring and unforgettable story of Alex Owens, a Pittsburgh steel mill welder by day and a bar dancer by night with dreams of one day becoming a professional performer. When romance with her steel mill boss threatens to complicate her ambitions, Alex learns the meaning of love and its power to fuel the pursuit of her dream.
Flashdance: The Musical features a score that includes the biggest hit songs from the movie, including the Academy Award-winning title song "Flashdance - What a Feeling," "Maniac," "Gloria," "Manhunt," and "I Love Rock & Roll." In addition to these hits, 16 brand new songs have been written f…

The Whipping Man

The Indiana Repertory Theatre’s current Mainstage production The Whipping Man takes audiences back to Virginia in April 1865. The play opens with Caleb, the son of a Virginia slave owner, stumbling into his home at the end of the Civil War. He (Andrew C. Ahrens) has been fighting for the Confederacy and returns to his family’s land in the hopes of reuniting with them, but the only man there to greet him is the former slave Simon (David Alan Anderson). The two must try and navigate the minefield of their new relationship. Simon is a free man now but they still feel a deep loyalty to each other. Their shared Jewish faith gives them a common ground as they celebrate the Passover Seder together.

The show touches on many issues. What happens when you lose your faith? What happens when the world you know has crumbled? How can people move past bitterness, anger and guilt to join together and rebuild an entire country? Playwright Matthew Lopez deals with each of these topics in a delicate but…

The Lyons

Over the past 25 seasons Diane Kondrat has performed in dozens of roles at the Phoenix Theatre. Now she can be seen for the final time in the Hoosier state playing the handpicked role of Rita Lyons, the matriarch of a dysfunctional New York family in the Frank and Katrina Basile Theatre.
This part is perfect for Kondrat, offering her a chance to showcase both her comedic timing and dramatic prowess. The Lyons provides a tightly-wound look at the unique intricacies of one family’s dynamics. It’s a black comedy providing wildly funny lines, but each clever barb cuts another character to the core.

Rita is a piece of work. In the opening scene she discusses her design ideas for a new living room with her husband. Quickly you realize she’s asking her husband what he thinks of these new ideas with the full knowledge that he’ll be dead soon and won’t be around to enjoy it. There is no love loss between the two. Though the couple has been married for 40 years they treat each other with utter co…