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Happy Days

At the midst of the turbulent 1970s a TV show came out that offered viewers a nostalgic embrace of the '50s; a sweeter time filled with "Happy Days." It was a time when people's biggest problems were trying to talk to girls and keeping the local diner afloat, at least on TV. That show is now a musical and is on stage at Clowes Memorial Hall courtesy of Broadway Across America.

Set in Milwaukee in 1959 we are reintroduced to The Cunningham family, the Fonz, Joanie and Chachi and the rest of the gang. They still hang out at Arnold's and idolize the town rebel. Joey Sorge plays the Fonz and his "Whoa" and "Hey" sound remarkably like Henry Winkler's version of the same.

One of the show's strongest moments is a complete break from the normal 1950s housewife mentality. Pinky Tuscadero, Marion and Joanie Cunningham sing "What I Dreamed Last Night" and demonstrate that despite outward appearances each of the women may be dreaming of …