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The Crucible

When it comes to live theatre it’s always a treat to find productions of classic plays or see performances from talented actors or to be moved by the intense subject matter of a show. It’s rare to find a production that combines all of those elements, but the Indiana Repertory Theatre’s season opener The Crucible does just that. The play is perennial favorite, telling the story of the Salem witch trials while alluding to other moments of persecution in American history such as the 1950s Red Scare.
Set during 1692 at the height of the high-strung Puritan life style, the residents of Salem must decide if they will keep their heads down or if they will stand up for what’s right when the charge of witchcraft is shouted in the streets.  The stark set and lighting paint the actors in black and white while the plot shows us shades of gray.

This is a show that explores a terrifying situation. When society is turned upside down and the lives of so many are being held in the hands of a liar how c…

Father of the Bride and 2014 Season Announcement

Father of the Bride won audiences’ hearts as a 1991 film remake starring Steve Martin. Now that same story is on stage at Beef and Boards Dinner Theatre. The simplified version play takes place entirely in the family’s living room, reminding us once again that a wedding really is a family affair. A father’s life is thrown into chaos when his daughter decides to have a “small” wedding.

Jeff Stockberger stars as the title character. He plays grumpy, but is ultimately wrapped around his daughter’s finger. As the bills come in and the guest list grows he becomes more flustered. Fathers everywhere can relate to the strain he’s under. Lisa Ermel returns to B&B as the sweet bride. She’s naïve about the simplicity of planning a wedding, but sincere in her feelings for her fiancé.

Those who frequent other Indianapolis theatres will be excited to see a familiar face. Ben Tebbe, a regular at the Phoenix Theatre, HART and the Indianapolis Repertory Theatre, makes his Beef & Boards debut as…