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The Wizard of Oz

There’s nothing quite like a child’s first experience with live theater. Although it has been two decades I still remember my first show clearly; it was Brigadoon at Beef & Boards Dinner Theatre. So it was especially meaningful to get to take my nephew to his first show at the same theatre this past weekend and The Wizard of Oz provided the perfect introduction to world of musicals.

Fans of the Church Basement Ladies shows will recognize Dorothy, played by Lisa Bark. Her fresh-faced innocence is just right for the role and kids will love the fact that she’s accompanied throughout the show by a real dog playing Toto.

The rest of her gang is made up of B&B favorites like Doug King as the rubber-bodied Scarecrow, Jeff Stockberger as the cardiac-challenged Tin Man and Jayson Elliott as a Lion that’s all roar and no bite. Young audience members can’t help being delighted by the trio as they help Dorothy on her way.

Lynne Perkins clearly has a blast playing the Wicked Witch of the Wes…