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Mamma Mia!

One bride, one mom, and three potential dads all on one Greek island; the premise of Mama Mia! might seem silly, but its playful absurdity provides the right framework for a musical built around ABBA songs. Beef & Board Dinner Theatre’s current production captures that spirit and runs with it.
The 2007 Broadway Across America production felt much more like a concert. Beef & Boards’ show instead has a more intimate feel and it shines a light on the lovely mother/daughter relationship at the heart of the story. It also emphasizes the message that your identity is not created by your “family”, it’s something you must discover for yourself.
Both Sophie (Rachelle Rose Clark) and her onstage mother Donna (Amy Bodnar) give enthusiastic performances. Bodnar is a Broadway veteran, who is new to the Beef & Boards stage. Her performance of “The Winner Takes It All” completely knocked it out of the park. Her vocal skills shine in those powerful solo moments. Tanya played by Jalynn Stee…