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The 39 Steps

The 39 Steps is about a man accused of a crime he didn’t commit. The Hitchcock movie of the same name has a dark tone, but anyone expecting a moody mystery is in for a shock. The Indiana Repertory Theatre’s production of The 39 Steps is more Monty Python than suspenseful drama and delightfully so.

The whirlwind play features only four actors, but between them they take on the roles of a man on the run, police officers, a newsboy, underwear salesmen, a Scottish farmer and his wife, spies, a milkman, a performer, a dead body or two, and more! The show makes liberal use of simple props, which adds to the constant stream of laughter.

Getting the audience to enjoy slapstick comedy and cheeky jokes for two hours can be a difficult task, but the IRT maintains the hilarious high throughout the show.

Tom Aulino and the always excellent Rob Johansen deserve massive kudos for their nonstop performances. Both men pull on costume after costume, donning wigs and various hats, to portray the majority o…

Rock of Ages

The 1980s never claimed to be subtle and Rock of Ages is no exception. The show embraces every ‘80s cliché with relish, which is part of the fun. There’s lots of leather and lace, big hair and bad mullets, but there’s a lot of laughter too. Broadway Across America’s production of the show is currently on stage at Clowes Memorial Hall. The story focuses on a young woman who moves to L.A. to become and actress during that infamous decade. The story really isn’t the point though; it’s simply a vehicle for providing a concert of hits from the ‘80s.

This is NOT a family show. I stress this mainly because I saw multiple families leave before the intermission. This is clear from the opening seconds when you see a neon Live Nudes sign on stage and an announcer tells everyone not to text during the show because it makes them look like a d*bag. The production is also loud, like any good rock show should be. It’s a lot of fun for adults, but it’s not appropriate for kids.

The ‘80s really did put …

Annie Get Your Gun

If you hear gunshots coming from Beef & Boards Dinner Theatre, don’t be alarmed. The theatre is currently hosting a production of the classic musical Annie Get Your Gun.

Tiana Checchia plays the scruffy, backwoods tomboy Annie Oakley. She brings sweetness and spunk in equal measures to the role. She shoots game and looks out for her kid siblings while at the same time swooning over Frank Butler, a sharp shooter in a Wild West show.

There are some well-known, fun songs from Annie Get Your Gun that are still a delight, like “Anything You Can Do” and “There’s No Business Like Show Business.” Both songs showcase this particular cast’s talents sublimely. The competitive chemistry between Checchia and Curt Dale Clark, who plays Butler, sparks beautifully and Jeff Stockberger and J.R. Stuart make a great comedic duo.

Ellie Oates, an adorable 5-year-old, steals every scene she’s in as Annie’s younger brother Little Jake. Her older sister Molly, along with Brielle Boynton, both do a great …