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August: Osage County

The Pulitzer-Prize-winning play, August: Osage County is on stage now at the Phoenix Theatre. Within the first few moments of the opening rambling monologue, you know you’re in for something amazing.

The epic family drama tells the story of the Weston clan, an Oklahoma family with two aging parents and three adult daughters. The group is full of charismatic individuals and peculiar introverts, all of whom are broken for one reason or another. When the family’s patriarch goes missing they all return home to help sort it out.

The audience is tossed right into the midst of these relationships with no preamble, but none is needed. Each antagonizing remark hints at the scores that have come before it. The family dynamics are so true to real life; parents to children, siblings and spouses all struggling to get along. The show reminds us how easy it is to slip back into the childhood roles in our families, no matter how old we are.

As the family spirals out of control, the ever…

Legally Blonde

I’m the first to admit that sororities and their constant cries of OMG tend to annoy me, but Legally Blonde manages to poke fun of those sorority clich├ęs while also celebrating the bonds of friendship synonymous with the groups. Legally Blonde: The Musical, on stage now at Beef & Boards, adds song and dance to the main premise of the 2001 film of the same name.

Reigning sorority president Elle Woods receives a shock when her long-time boyfriend breaks up with her. On a mission to get him back, Woods gains admission into Harvard Law School to prove she’s smart and serious. Along the way she learns a bit more about what she’s really capable of doing.

Maggie Taylor stars as Elle. She’s the embodiment of all things blonde, but she also conveys a sweet sincerity that balances things out. Dominic Sheahan-Stahl is back at B&B as her new friend Emmett and Indiana Repertory Theatre performer Mark Goetzinger (Professor Callahan) is always a treat

During the performance I attended ther…