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And Her Hair Went With Her

The always original Phoenix Theatre is currently hosting the world premiere of 'And her hair went with her.' The play is written by Zina Camblin who stars, along with Milicent Wright, in the production.

The show focuses on two women who work in a beauty salon. Camblin is Angie, an intellectual single mother in her 20s who hopes to change the world. Jasmine, played by Wright, is in her 50s and has become more settled in her views of others and goals for herself.

The pair work side by side and though they spar and bicker about their differing opinions they have become true friends. Their love for Nina Simone and excitement about her upcoming concert is another thread which bonds them together.

Camblin and Wright are the only two actors in the show. They each play four characters, changing from role to role with the switch of a wig. The ladies play a slew of customers that breeze in and out of the beauty shop for new hairdos.

Each of the women have their own eccentric qualities. The funniest of which is Keisha, a self proclaimed "B.O.C." (black obsessive compulsive) who hilariously recounts her close calls with sneezes on public transportation and the germ filled fast food joints in her neighborhood.

Other characters include a wannabe actress, a woman who has bad luck finding a job and worse luck keeping one and a slightly schizophrenic elderly woman.

Wright also plays Phylicia, a woman who was convicted of murder. Angie has been visiting her in prison to interview her for a book she is attempting to write. The interplay between the two is intense as they both find an unexpected friend in the other.

There show is best suited for adults because there is some language. It has many light moments as the two main characters tease each other and laugh about their interesting customers, but at its heart it's a reflection on African American woman and their identities.

It looks at where they have been, where they are going and how they relate to one another along the way.

Performances: "And her hair went with her" closed May 25, 2007