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Cirque Dreams: Jungle Fantasy

"Cirque Dreams" is on stage now at Clowes Memorial Hall, it's a Broadway Across America show. The production is part circus, part comedy and part Broadway show.

It is visually stunning and audiences will be treated to an amazing feast for their senses. Violinist Jared Burnett, performing as Soul Tree, provides a continuous flow of music from his electric violin. His soulful strands of notes fill the venue as audience members watch, mouths gaping, at the rich scenes unfolding on the stage.

The strength of the show lies not in the songs, but in the complicated dance sequences and acrobatics. Even jumping rope becomes astonishing in the hands of these talented performers. They don't stand still for a second. Every movement they make is perfectly coordinated and they toss each other round and manipulate their bodies in unbelievable ways.

Their breathtaking acts are unlike anything most theater-goers have seen before on a local stage. The contortionists and flyers form moving art with their bodies. They unfurl and intertwine so graceful patrons can almost forget the intense strength these individuals have. Each new pose they make creates a new exotic sculpture.
Cirque Dreams is in the most literal sense a fantastic show. With it's surreal colors, elaborate costumes and swooping and spinning cast members the show seems like a crazy, beautiful dream.

Performances: "Cirque Dreams: Jungle Fantasy'" closed Oct. 14, 2007.