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Sherlock Holmes: The Final Adventure

The Indianapolis Repertory Theatre decided to open its 2008/09 season with a new adaptation of a classic tale, "Sherlock Holmes: The Final Adventure." The play follows Holmes through his final case. The iconic detective meets his match both in Dr. Moriarty as his nemesis and Irene Adler as the beautiful, witty woman who steals his heart.

The show is a celebration of IRT's talent and is filled with many of the theater's regular performers; Mark Goetzinger, Ryan Artzberger, Robert K Johansen and Robert Neal. It also welcomes a few newcomers to the local stage, all of which meld nicely with the familiar faces.

The show is one of the most technically difficult IRT has done. The elaborate sets, including a train car, a bridge over a waterfall, Holmes' study and a warehouse, sweep the audience away into Holmes' Victorian England.

Jonathan Gillard Daly embodies the clever Holmes with every dry observation he udders. Goetzinger works well with Daly as Holmes' loyal, though often out-of-the-loop, assistant Dr. Watson.

"Sherlock Holmes" is just the beginning of the IRT's new season. The theatre selection of upcoming shows includes "To Kill a Mocking Bird," "Crime and Punishment" and "Macbeth." Its continued excellence and constant striving to bring fascinating new work to Indianapolis keeps audiences enthralled year after year and is sure to do so again over the next eight months.

One line from "Sherlock" sums up the IRT's presence in Indiana. "All other things, our powers our desires, our food, are all really necessary for our existence. But this rose is an extra. Its smell and its color are an embellishment of life, not a condition of it." IRT is a rose in Indianapolis, embellishing the lives of all of the Hoosiers who take advantage of it.

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Don't Miss the Show

Performances: The show runs until Saturday, Oct. 11 on IRT's Mainstage. Times for performances can be found at or by calling the IRT box office at (317) 635-5252.

Tickets: To purchase tickets call (317) 635-5252 or order online at Prices begin at $34.

The Indiana Repertory Theatre is located at 140 W. Washington St., Indianapolis, one-half block west of the Circle Center Mall between northbound Illinois Street and southbound Capitol Avenue.