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Lion King

As elephants and zebras make their way through the aisles of the Murat Theatre audience members quickly realize "The Lion King" isn't an average show. With a huge cast, extraordinary costumes and impressive sets the Disney musical is a treat for people of all ages. This is a show that could not be done with a local theater's budget. Broadway Across America has literally brought Broadway to Indianapolis' collective doorstep.

The show sticks closely to the 1994 animated movie of the same name. The familiar characters make it a wonderful show for families. There are a few additional songs, including one from the adult Simba and another from the adult Nala, both of which are lovely additions and great opportunities to showcase the talented cast members' vocal abilities.

The cast does a superb job bringing their animal characters to life with each movement, despite the size of their costumes. Timothy Carter is particularly delightful as Scar and pours out his condescending and devious comments in each of his scenes. The lioness pride provides another highlight with a dozen women maintaining a graceful elegance that is both feminine and feline.

The diverse dance sequences are exceptional. The production includes many forms of dance, including everything from ballet to hip-hop with a strong African heritage theme woven throughout.

"The Lion King" feels fresh and original compared with many Broadway musicals in the vein of Rodgers and Hammerstein classics. The musical, which took Broadway by storm is a fantastic holiday experience and shouldn't be missed.

Don't Miss the Show

Unlike most Broadway Across America shows, which run for only six days, "The Lion King" will be in town for six weeks. But tickets are going fast for the popular show, so don't miss your chance to see it. The show runs until Sunday, Dec. 28 at the Murat Theatre. Tickets can be purchased at Clowes Memorial Hall, the Murat Theatre, by calling (800)-982-2787 or online at Ticket prices range from $19.50 to $77.