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Never the Sinner

The true story of Leopold and Loeb is one that has fascinated people for decades. Two wealthy young men decided to commit the perfect murder in 1924. The cocky college students take down a young boy and assume they've proved their genius with his demise. Quickly their plans begin to unravel as the evidence mounts against them and they find themselves on trial for their lives.

"Never the Sinner" is a play based on the murderous tale and it was recently on stage at The Theater Within, located in Fountain Square.

The stage is small and unassuming, mere feet from the audience. The set is simple, the cast is limited and yet the director, Rod Isaac, manages to pull off just the right ominous tone. His use of eerie imagery projected on a blank screen to transition between scenes was chilling.

Zach Stonerock is excellent as the fidgety and condescending Leopold. He is both incredibly intelligent and socially stunted. He finds the attention he longs for in his relationship with Loeb. Nate Walden is Loeb, as different from Leopold as fire from ice. He is a charming, self-assured playboy who acts out of boredom and a desire for fame. Only his piercing eyes give a glimpse of the fury that resides just below the confident surface.

The show provides a fascinating look at the psychology that drives a man to murder and the consequences those actions lead to. The opposing legal counsels in the case add another facet with the question of the morality of defending admitted killers. The simple question of why anyone would do this haunts audience members long after the show ends.

Though this show has closed its run, The Theater Within has released its season for next year (see below). Visit their website for more information,

Photo Courtesy of The Theater Within.

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Wonderful! Thank you! Love this blog!
Anonymous said…
Thanks for attending our show and glad you liked it. We had overwhelimingly positive reactions to it and even as a cast member, I was fascinated by this case and the people in it. I do so feel for what the Franks family went through and the other two families as well.