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The Indianapolis Civic Theatre's production of "Carousel" provides a big does of Rodgers and Hammerstein style music and lyrics. The famous duo, who created "Oklahoma" and "The Sound of Music" have always been hit or miss for me. Sometimes their perky numbers fit well with the plot, while other times they seem to trivialize a serious issue.

If you already know and love the story of "Carousel" than you won't be disappointed with this production. There is a large cast, which lends itself well to boisterous numbers about clambakes and the month of June. The revolving set is versatile, but not overly distracting. The period costumes are colorful and the lead characters are played by talented actors with good voices and chemistry. Jigger, played by Paul Nicely, is particularly fun as a classic scoundrel.

If you haven't seen the show before, you'll certainly enjoy it for all the reasons stated above, but the plot itself might not sit as easy. The story hinges on the tumultuous relationship between Billy Bigelow, an unemployed ruffian, and Julie Jordan, a sweet-natured girl. Alliteration aside, their union is a doomed one.

"Carousel" is a fun show, but it's certainly light in the way of a thought-provoking plot. The flow of the plot is strange as well. It seems like it should have been broken into three acts, instead of two. Despite these elements, it doesn't cease to entertain.

2010/2011 Season

The ICT just announced its upcoming season.

Annie: Sept. 10 - 25, 2010
The Belle of Amherst: Oct. 29 - Nov. 13
Beauty and the Beast: Dec. 10 - Jan. 1, 2011
The Last Night of Ballyhoo: Jan. 21 - Feb. 5
Cabaret: March 11 - 26
The Musical Comedy Murders of 1940: May 6 - 21

Don't Miss the Show

Performances: Performances begin at 7 p.m. Wednesday through Friday, 2 p.m. and 7 p.m. Saturday and 2 p.m. Sunday. The show continues until March 28. The Indianapolis Civic Theatre is located at 3200 Cold Spring Road on the Marian College campus.

Tickets: Ticket prices start at $25 and can be purchased by calling (317) 923-4597 or visiting

For more information of to purchase tickets, visit

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