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Mystery Cafe of Indianapolis: All Star Homer-cide

Raise your hand if you knew the nation’s longest running Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre was located in Indianapolis. I had no idea. The dinner theater performs everywhere from restaurants to audience members’ homes to company functions, but they can be seen regularly at the Milano Inn in Indianapolis.

The current production, All Star Homer-cide, tells the story of an All Star baseball game and the unexpected murder that throws the night into chaos. The show has four acts; each one is separated by a course of food, soup, salad and Italian entrée and dessert. The show changes each month, but the audience participation and dinner remain the same.

Jennifer Estes and Phillip Armstrong star as a variety of characters. The enthusiastic performers throw themselves into the show, taking on multiple roles, crazy costumes and more. Their cheesy jokes and playful banter keep the audience involved.

This would be the perfect night out for that friend or family member who loves to be a ham. Audience members can volunteer to be involved in the show, 15 to 20 are chosen to play a part. When their role comes they read their lines as dramatically as they want and at the end of the night an award is given to the biggest ham.

Don't Miss the Show

The Mystery Café Indianapolis
performs Friday and Saturday nights in the Milano Inn, located at 231 South College Avenue, Indianapolis, IN 46202. "All Star Homer-cide" runs until Saturday, Nov. 19 and up next is “Ho-Ho-Homicide.” Times for performances can be found at their website here.

Graphic Courtesy of The Mystery Café