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The Music Man

The Music Man has been a nostalgic classic for decades. It captures small-town life in a way that few other musical have been able to. This show, which includes Broadway standards like, “Trouble,” “Seventy-six Trombones,” and “Til There Was You” is on stage now at Beef & Boards Dinner Theatre.

A smooth-talking salesman, Professor Harold Hill, rolls into town with the single goal of riling people up to get them to buy his wares. His scam is a simple one: convince the townspeople that their city is in headed into dangerous territory and the only solution is to give the troubled youth something to do with their time. He then suggests they start a band for the boys and conveniently, he sells musical instruments and uniforms. He offers them both the problem and solution and makes a bundle in each city he stops in.

The town’s librarian/music teacher is the only obstacle in his way. Considered an old maid by the village’s nosy biddies, Marian, played by Katie Sina, is suspicious of Hill from the start. Sina, who is new to B&B, gives a lovely performance. She is kind, but cautious and has lived her life as someone who makes her decisions with her head, never her heart.

Curt Dale Clark stars as Hill, The Music Man himself. He has just the right amount of charm and devious nature. He can scheme and manipulate while still coming across as a gentleman. With a wink and a smile he could sell shoes to a snake and the snake would thank him.

The musical contains quite a few tongue-twisting rapid-fire numbers, especially “Pick-A-Little, Talk-A-Little.” The performances of these are fun to watch, especially when the cast picks up steam… literally as they take a “train” around the theater. The barbershop quartet adds a delightful element too. The costumes, particularly the ladies’ large feathered hats, are all well done and the rotating set also works perfectly with the flow of the production.

Rest assured the sleepy Iowa town of River City is just how you left it. The Music Man is as good now as it was years ago and this is a charming production with a message of embracing life and the people around you.

Don't Miss the Show

Performances: The show runs until May 25. Doors open for evening performances at 6 p.m. Tuesday through Sunday. The buffet is served from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. and the show begins at 8 p.m. For Wednesday matinees doors open at 11:30 a.m. and the buffet is served from 11:45 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. The show begins at 1 p.m. For Sunday matinees doors open at 12 p.m. and the buffet is served from 12:15 to 1 p.m. The show begins at 1:30 p.m.

To purchase tickets call (317) 872-9664 between 10 a.m. and 7 p.m. Prices range from $37 to $60 and include the show, tax, coffee, tea and the buffet. This production offers discounts; call the box office for more details.

Up next at Beef & Boards is the popular show The Wizard of Oz and tickets are sure to go fast!

Photos Courtesy of Beef & Boards Dinner Theatre