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The Women

If a woman wants to hold on to her man she must do one of two things. Her first option is to ignore any cheating or bad behavior. He is a man; therefore he is expected and allowed to do what he wants. Her second option is to embrace her inner catty nature and lash out against the woman who is trying to steal her husband. Again, the man has committed no crime; he is helpless against in the irresistible charms of all local hussies. Above all, no matter what the woman decides to do, she must not trust her friends because they are all secretly out to ruin her life.

That’s the basic message conveyed in “The Women” on stage now at the Buck Creek Players Theatre. To be clear, it’s the plot of the play, not the production itself that I’m criticizing. The performers do a good job flexing their claws and tossing off cheeky lines. Allison Reddick is particularly good as the troubled Mary Haines, tossed into an impossible situation. She is sincere and heartbroken as she tries to navigate the tenuous tightrope of betrayal. The costumes are also an impressive feat. The 20 plus cast members are draped in everything from elaborate evening gowns to trim 1930s style suits and hats.

It could be argued that the premise is outdated and so the message is not an issue, but there was just a film remake released in 2008. Obviously this is a message still being bandied about. I do understand that this play falls in the genre of comedy, but when you look at the actual themes there are some serious issues being dealt with: infidelity, divorce, announcing the split of a family to a child, etc. We have to ask ourselves, do we as audience members truly believe that those are a woman’s only options in this situation?

Buck Creek is a completely voluntary theatre and the outpouring of support from the community is always encouraging. Locals can buy a ticket to see their friends and family members on the stage and others can help build sets or work on costumes. The joint effort makes each production and wonderful communal project. Up next is Carrie: The Musical, opening May 30th.

Don't Miss the Show

For more information about the Buck Creek Players, visit The theater is located at 11150 Southeastern Avenue Acton, IN 46259 and directions can be found on their website.
Performances: The show runs until March 30th and offers three performances a week, Friday and Saturdays at 8 p.m. and Sunday matinees at 2:30 p.m. 

Tickets: To purchase tickets, call 317-862-2270 or visit range from $14 to $16.

Photos Courtesy of the Buck Creek Players.