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The Speckled Band

A mysterious murder presented in the round is the latest offering from the EclecticPond Theatre Company. Sherlock Holmes is back in The Speckled Band in Irvington. With a limited set and six-person cast, the show builds suspense quickly with a locked-room murder and a dangerous villain.

Kelly Gualdoni is particularly good as Enid Stonor, a strong young woman willing to stand her ground even after her twin sister is murdered. She plays Enid as intelligent even in the midst of her fear. Her menacing uncle, played by Dan Flahive, controls her every move and most days he can barely keep his temper in check.

Bradford Reilly plays the infamous Sherlock Holmes. He struggled with his lines at times, but he’s well suited for the role. He embraced the presumptive air of the brilliant detective and never slowed down to let his well-meaning sidekick catch up with his thought process. Ryan Maloney makes a very young Dr. Watson, but was a calm balance to Holmes’ impatience.

Occasionally theatre companies present Sherlock and forget a key ingredient, a sense of humor. EclecticPond’s production does an excellent job combining suspense and humor in the show. The cast embraces the slapstick elements as a revolving door of characters make their way through each scene. Matt Anderson and Pat Mullen took on half a dozen roles throughout the show. By tossing on a wig or turban, the two actors fleshed out the supporting cast all by themselves.

In addition to the final performances of The Speckled Band, EclecticPond is hosting a birthday celebration for the Bard on Saturday, April 25. They will be announcing their new season at the party. Still to come this year is Anton Chekov’s “The Cherry Orchard” in June.

Don’t miss the show
Performances run until April 25. Tickets are $19. Performances are held at the Irvington United Methodist Church, 30 North Audubon Road, Indianapolis, IN 46219. For more information, a complete schedule of the shows or to purchase tickets, visit ETC’s site here

Photos Courtesy of the EclecticPond Theatre Company