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Buck Creek Players Announce 2015/16 Season

The Buck Creek Players are thrilled to announce their 2015/16 Indianapolis season. Season tickets are now on sale. 

September 25 - October 4
Mingling suspense and humor, this ingeniously plotted thriller follows all the unexpected twists and turns that result when a seemingly mild-mannered professor of philosophy is driven to apparent murder to protect his reputation and career.   

Scrooge! The Musical 
December 4 - 20
Celebrate the holidays at Buck Creek Playhouse with this charming musical extravaganza. Miserly Ebenezer Scrooge's "Bah! Humbug!" opinion of Christmas grates on everyone around him. But when Scrooge is visited by the ghost of his former partner and three Christmas spirits, he learns to change his ways -- just in time for Christmas Day! There's something for everyone in this Yuletide treat. 

The Property Known as Garland 
January 22 - 31 
Her talent is legendary. Her true story more electrifying than you'd ever imagine. She is Judy Garland. Indianapolis favorite Georgeanna Teipen stars in this backstage account of Judy's final concert appearance. With her wicked wit, Judy dishes the dirt on her M-G-M co-stars, her husbands, and more...taking us down the yellow brick road of her incredible life.  

Dog Sees God: Confessions of a Teenage Blockhead 
March 18 - 26
When CB's dog dies from rabies, he begins to question the existence of an afterlife. His best friend is too burnt out to provide any coherent speculation; his sister has gone goth; his ex-girlfriend has recently been institutionalized; and his other friends are too inebriated to give him any sort of solace. But a chance meeting with an artistic kid, the target of this group's bullying, offers CB a peace of mind and sets in motion a friendship that will push teen angst to the very limits.  

A Killer Musical by Stephen Sondheim & John Weidman
May 27 - June 12 
Bold, original, disturbing, and alarmingly funny, ASSASSINS lays bare the lives of nine individuals who assassinated or tried to assassinate the President of the United States, in a historical "revusical" that explores the dark side of the American experience. From John Wilkes Booth to Lee Harvey Oswald, writers Stephen Sondheim and John Weidman bend the rules of time and space, taking us on a nightmarish roller coaster ride in which assassins and would-be assassins from different historical periods meet, interact, and inspire each other to harrowing acts in the name of the American Dream.  

Bugsy Malone Jr.   
July 29 - August 7
Based on the hit 1976 film starring a pre-teen Scott Baio and Jodi Foster and featuring a catchy, swinging score by the composer of The Muppet Movie, BUGSY MALONE JR. is good, clean, comedic fun! Two gangs comprised completely of children, square off in a 1920s rivalry of Capone-ian standards. Dandy Dan's gang has gotten the upper hand since obtaining the "splurge" gun , a weapon that shoots whipped cream. Now Fat Sam and his bumbling buffoons are in real trouble! Bugsy Malone, a one-time boxer, is thrust not-so-willingly into the gangster limelight when he becomes the last chance Fat Sam's gang has of surviving.

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