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EclecticPond Announces 2015/16 Season

The Importance of Being Jeff
Written and directed by Jeremy Grimmer
IndyFringe 2015

Two actors, preparing for a rehearsal, are forced by the company’s board of directors to do an immediate run of an obscure two-hour classical play in forty-five minutes… without the rest of the cast. Confusion, calamity, and chaotic cross-dressing ensue.

This is our 2015 IndyFringe offering performed at one of the festivals new venues, the Firefighter's Union Hall at 748 Massachusetts Avenue. (Right next to the beer tent!) Featuring the talents of Matt Anderson and Kate Homan, and written by Jeremy Grimmer, co-writer of such ETC best-selling hits as 10x10 and Shakespeare Wrote What...?, this is one Fringe show you won't want to miss!

Titus Andronicus
By William Shakespeare
Adapted and directed by Thomas Cardwell
October 2015

By transporting the characters and events of this play to an unforgiving post-apocalyptic world, a world that is as violent as any of the characters themselves, we explore the themes of family, revenge, and legacy in a setting where loyalty to your tribe may be your only hope of survival, and death could be waiting around every corner.

It's not gore or horror for gore's sake alone, but we do not intend to shy away from the inherent violence - showing what we as humans are not only capable of, but will devolve into, in the wrong circumstances. The Indianapolis-voted number one show from last season's 10x10xYou, Titus makes for a perfect Halloween adventure.

Annual Winter "Fun"-raiser
Winter 2016

This is the spot where 10x10 normally goes, but this year, ETC is switching it up a bit with something brand new! For now it is top-secret, but stay-tuned for more fabulous details!

Mark Twain: How to tell a story
Selected stories by Mark Twain
Adapted & directed by Michael Hosp
Spring 2016

“Fresh and funny today as he was more than a century ago, Mark Twain wittily distrusted everything bogus, inflated, predictable or empty. He was a man of a thousand American parts — novelist, stand-up comic, travel writer, impresario, capitalist, full-time celebrity, and coruscating social critic — whose ear for dialogue, nuance, slang and absurdity seldom failed him.” Brenda Wineapple, The New York Times.

For the first time, ETC will branch into the realm of classic American literature. A cast of six (three men, three women — near the beginning, middle, and end of their stories) will present a carefully crafted collection of stories by Mark Twain.

A Midsummer Night's Dream
By William Shakespeare
Adapted and directed by Zack Neiditch
Summer 2016

Next summer ETC welcomes actor/director Zack Neiditch (The Great Bike Race, Rocky Horror Picture Show) into the fold with his exciting adaptation of William Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream. Come see what he brings to that classic tale of lovers, fairies, and rude mechanicals!