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Titus Andronicus

Titus Andronicus is the Reservoir Dogs of Shakespeare. It’s the most violent of the Bard’s plays and a perfect fit for October. Director Thomas Cardwell has set the story of two warring clans in a post-apocalyptic world and the show sucks the audience in from the opening scene.

The Indie Artist Colony provides a stark world in which EclecticPond can build its gritty new society. Everything from the costumes to the set design is intentionally rough, suggesting haphazardness to its creation. The costumes, an assorted mix of layered leather, fur, scarves, and vests enforces the scavenged look of a society that’s been put together in a piecemeal fashion.
The show hosts a large cast on the small stage and as the bodies start to pile up, the revenge plots grow darker. The play includes one of the most infamous dinner scenes in all of western literature. 

Tamora is played by Kelly Gualdoni, in a wildly different role than the last time audiences saw her perform for EclecticPond in The Speckled Band. She nails the performance of a manic femme fatale set on revenge. She is vicious and haughty, seducing and destroying people as she desires.  Joanna Winston is equally enthralling as Aaron the Moor. She’s unapologetically conniving, but she brings a humor to the performance. Matt Anderson (Marcus Andronicus) and Zachariah Stonerock (Saturninus) give stand out performances as well.
It’s hard to find live production of this play and even harder to find one that is so well executed. If you’re a fan of Shakespeare, a fan of dark comedies, or just a fan of great live theatre, don’t miss this one. Leave the kids at home, but bring your friend who only knows Shakespeare through A Midsummer Night’s Dream. They’ll be in for quite a bloody surprise.

Don’t miss the show

Performances run until Oct. 31. Tickets are $19. Performances are held at the Indy Indie Artist Colony, 26 E. 14th St., Indianapolis, In 46202. For more information, a complete schedule of the shows or to purchase tickets, visit ETC’s site here. 

Photos Courtesy of the EclecticPond Theatre Company