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King Lear

Bard Fest wrapped up its second annual events this past weekend. This year’s festival included three different Shakespeare productions, by three companies, in rotation: Twelfth Night from Garfield Shakespeare Co., King Lear from First Folio, and Coriolanus from Catalyst Repertory. One highlights of the festival is that audiences are able to see plays that are rarely produced in Indiana

I was only able to make it to King Lear, something I hope to remedy next year. The productions obviously have a small budget, but they make the most of what they have. Costumes are simple and the stage is sparse, highlighting the performances over the atmosphere. Carey Shea’s direction wisely focuses on relationships over action sequences.

David Mosedale is the titular king. He’s flustered and frustrated by his situation. His brokenness is clear in the second act. Ann Marie Elliott plays both the rejected daughter Cordelia and the Fool. Her performance as the former is emotional and heart wrenching. Her turn as the Fool is cheeky and playful.

Matt Anderson plays Gonereil’s husband Albany. Although he’s a man of few words in this show, he infuses his performance with the appropriate meekness and cowardice. His transformation throughout the show is convincing on every level. 

I’m thrilled that Indy has a Shakespeare festival and I hope that it continues to grow and that they continue to offer some of the Bard’s more obscure work. This year’s festival has ended but keep an eye out for next year’s productions. The Bard Fest will be moving to the IndyFringe Theatre on Mass Ave in October 2017.  

Photos Courtesy of First Folio