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Circle City New Play Fest

From April 13-15 at Speak Easy Downtown, the Circle City New Play Fest will bring four playwrights’ works to life through staged readings and offer audience members a chance to be a part of the development process of new work. The Circle City New Play Fest is produced by Bo Frazier and KT Peterson in association with Storefront Theatre of Indianapolis and The Geeky Press.

Audience members are also an important part of the process - before each reading, they will be able to meet the playwright in a happy hour setting, and after the reading, they will be invited to discuss what they saw.

Circle City New Play Fest – April 13-15
Speak Easy Downtown
$10 ticket includes a seat and 1 drink ticket
Tickets available at

Thursday, April 13 at 6:30pm - The Daughters of the Moon by Reginald Edmund
It starts with the sound of a drum. Or a racing, beating heart. From the first moment, Reginald Edmund’s play ushers the audience into the world of Mawu, or Gleti, or Khonsu, or Yemaya. By any name, she is the goddess of the moon. She narrates a story of love, of suffering, of sacrifice, of slavery. She tells us about two women, united by unimaginable cruelty, desperately trying to forge a better future. Don’t forget, Mawu tells us. And we won’t.

Friday, April 14 at 6:30pm - Spineless by Elise Lockwood
It’s called The Wasting - the mass extinction of sea stars sweeping up the Pacific coast has hit Washington. Casey decides to join the group of citizen scientists helping to gather data about the disease. It’s not about the fact that their ex-girlfriend is in charge of the study. Or even about avoiding their mother who’s suddenly back in town. It’s not even about how, day to day, hour to hour, Casey struggles to figure out who they are. Well, it might be a little about that. But mostly it’s about saving the sea stars. Right?

Saturday, April 15 at 4pm - Time and Sarah by Merri Biechler
Tim and Sarah are outsiders. They may have moved into the old farmhouse in the holler, but in southeast Ohio, in the Appalachians, they are still strangers. Tim is desperate to win over the community so he can complete his scholarly magnum opus - collecting all twenty squares of the Appalachian Lost Memory Quilt. Sarah is not so sure, about winning over the community or what she wants from life. Merri Biechler’s play, inspired by true events, asks what it means to become part of a community. And it also asks what we give up when we do so.

Saturday, April 15 at 7pm - Tectonic Mélange by Deborah Yarchun
Tara is a petroleum geologist. She’s scouting areas for possible oil, trying to find overlooked areas where companies will want to drill. That’s how Tara meets Liz, Andy, and the other hundred or so residents of Whisper, North Dakota. Oil money could change their lives. It could reopen the school, buy a new fire truck… or, possibly, ruin everything. As Tara gets closer to the people in Whisper and closer to the possibility of drilling there, the difference between what’s right and what isn’t wrong becomes all the more important.

For more information visit their website here.