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The Indiana Repertory Theatre and Dance Kaleidoscope recently presented a fascinating collaboration they had work-shopped for only one week. The performance was not to raise money or to garner attention for the groups. It was produced for the sole reason of trying something new.

The production was based on Margaret Atwood's novella, "Penelopiad," which tells the story of the Greek adventurer Odysseus' wife. It was a brief 25 minutes that left audience members wanting more.

The two organizations were experimenting with a combination of dancers and actors working in tandem for the single piece. As a result, the dancers were given a voice and the actors became much more aware of their movements in each scene.

The show was exhilarating. It was something new and original in a time when many theaters are embracing old stand by shows, which are sure to sell tickets.

It was a reminder that not only is theater entertaining; it is something that fuels conversation and creativity. It is joy to all who are able to experience it. Each show is completely unique and cannot be exactly replicated and the small group of audience members that were able to experience this event were treated to a wonderful night.

Hopefully the two organizations will be able to find the financial support and time to collaborate in the future, but regardless, they deserve kudos for always trying to find new ways to grow and create together.