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Boeing Boeing and the IRT 2017/18 Season Announcement

One man, three fiancés, one Paris apartment; what could possibly go wrong? The Indiana Repertory Theatre presents Boeing Boeing, a farce set in the 1960s and complete with all the hallmarks of the genre. The three women are all flight attendants from different countries. 

Bernard (Matt Schwader) is a charming man whose selfish view of the world leads him to believe that dating three women, who all think they're the only one, is the perfectly acceptable. When his old friend Robert arrives from Wisconsin the show really gets moving. Robert (Chris Klopatek) is bumbling and sweet and completely overwhelmed by this unusual situation. His naïveté pairs well with Schwader's worldly confidence.
The essential element of any farce set is plenty of doors! The trendy '60s set, complete with period furniture and art, certainly covers that criteria. With seven doorways, the characters have plenty of options for dramatic entrances and exits. A porthole window and balcony add even more fun for the all-seeing maid Berthe. A well-placed beanbag chair plays prominently in the show as the perfect prop for prat falls. Klopatek and Greta Wohlrabe (Gretchen) are both particularly great at the physical comedy. 

Farces have never been my personal favorite. I usually end up feeling sorry for whichever character is being deceived. But that's a critique of the genre, not the show. This one is well-acted and entertaining. You won't leave mulling over big life questions, but your step will certainly be lighter.
Don't Miss the Show The Indiana Repertory Theatre is located at 140 W. Washington St., Indianapolis, one-half block west of the Circle Center Mall between northbound Illinois St. and southbound Capitol Ave. "Boeing Boeing" runs until April 210 on IRT's OneAmerica Mainstage. Times for performances can be found at or by calling the IRT box office at (317) 635-5252. To purchase tickets call (317) 635-5252 or order online at 

The IRT is thrilled to announce the 2017/18 Indianapolis season. Season tickets are now on sale.
The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time
A play by Simon Stephens, based on the novel by Mark Haddon
September 19 – October 14 - Captivating Mystery

The Tony Award-winning stage version of the best-selling novel. When a teenage math savant investigates a puzzling neighborhood occurrence, he begins an extraordinary journey that takes him places he has never been—and you have never imagined.

The Originalist
A play by John Strand
October 17 – November 12 - Enthralling Debate

Supreme Court Justice and conservative icon Antonin Scalia hires a young, liberal, female law intern, and opinions start flying right and left. Every point of view is explored in this thoughtful, witty, open-minded look at one of our most galvanizing national figures.

Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol
Presented by Lilly, adapted by Tom Haas
November 18 – December 24 - Holiday Tradition

Join Ebenezer Scrooge, Tiny Tim and three lively ghosts on a dark, snowy journey that leads to a bright new day of joy, hope and renewal. Banish your bah humbugs, and celebrate the holiday season with Indy’s favorite family tradition.

A Raisin in the Sun
By Lorraine Hansberry
January 10 – February 3 - Inspiring American Classic

After years in a crowded, run-down, inner-city apartment, the Younger family dreams of a better life in the green, sunny suburbs. But when opportunity comes along, will they agree on the best route to get there? And will the gates be open to them?

William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet
January 27 – March 3 - Heartbreaking Love Story

A timeless and timely tale of young love struggling to survive amid old hatreds. Shakespeare’s most beloved play is as vibrant and lively as ever, speaking boldly across the centuries to the divided world we live in today.

The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse
By Vicki Ireland
February 24 – March 25 - Pint-Sized Adventure

Will has a cozy, familiar home in a boot in the barn. But when his cousin Monty takes him to the big, dangerous city, Will learns to wade through plush carpets, climb hot water pipes and outwit tame mice gone bad. Where will his expedition take him next?

By James Still
March 7 – March 31 - Romantic Escapade

A trip to Venice brings love, loss, pain and joy to three weary travelers in search of healing and happiness. Hearts leap, time bends and the floating city works its wonders in this magical play filled with music and amore.

Looking Over the President’s Shoulder
By James Still
March 27 – May 6 - A Story of an Unsung Patriot

Hoosier Alonzo Fields spent two decades as Chief Butler at the White House, serving Presidents Hoover, Roosevelt, Truman and Eisenhower. A hit in theatres across the country, this funny, poignant, uplifting memoir returns to the IRT by popular demand. 

Noises Off
By Michael Frayn
April 24 – May 20 - Uproarious Backstage Comedy

Ever gone to a play and something went wrong? What happens when everything goes wrong? Rehearsal implosions, backstage shenanigans and onstage disasters have the cast on life support—and the audience in stitches!

Additional programming and events, as well as complete casting and creative team information will be announced at a later date. Season ticket packages start at $149 and are on sale now. To learn more about the benefits of becoming a Season Ticket Holder visit Single tickets go on sale in August.

*Photos courtesy of the Indiana Repertory Theatre